About Us

Hello Travellers!
If you are the kind of traveller that wants to make each penny worth it, this is the right place for you!
When we travel to explore new places, for a vacation or even a business trip, our objective is to do maximum with the minimum!! We are on a fixed budget and we can only do so much! But these travel tips and tricks, will help you make the most of your money and time!!
I am a passionate traveller myself and prefer to make tailored trips for myself. Over the years, i have realized, that making self itineraries, is not just a huge help to the pocket, but is much more fun! But whether you are on your own, or under the care of a trusted travel agency, there are a few things about the place you visit, that no one other than the locals there can tell you!! Or maybe sometimes, not even the locals. Because we, as Indians, have our own way of looking at things! What maybe cheap for someone else, may be very expensive for us, given the exchange rates of the INR in most countries.
So here I am with many such tips and tricks that will surely help you work out your itinerary, save money to travel more! Do give us a shout out, if the tips were of use to you!!